Canada First Construction Inc. is always looking for great people.

Construction may seem to be all about bricks and building but our real foundation is our people. in fact, many of our staff are all shareholders of the company! We know that our continued success depends on attracting and retaining great people to be part of our team.


We Develop 4 Level to our skill worker

Training Level 1 - New to the team, we provide in house training and knowdge for our employees.

Senior Level 2 - Has high experience and knowledge who can work by it self with out coaching.

Head Level 3 - Who can lead more than 3 people’s team and manage it.

Master Level 4 - Who is royalty to the team and become company shareholder.



- Hard working person - Must be a team player and able to follow directions - Quick Learner and responsible


Resume Submittal

E-mail resumes or you personal profile to